Custom White balance

When shooting in difficult or mixed lighting situations, it can be useful to set your camera’s white balance from a test chart or neutral coloured object in the scene being captured.

This is very simply achieved in the following way:

  • Capture an image from the scene. It should contain something that is neutral in colour. E.g. a Grey Card.
  • Select the White balance tool located in the camera settings menu (see figure 1)
  • The last capture is shown together with an overlay (see Figure 2). To select another image, turn the front Scroll Wheel or swipe left/right on the display.
  • Find the part of the image that should be neutral. Move the Colour Picker Tool and position the small square over that area by touching the rear display anywhere inside the picker tool circle and sliding (see Figure 3).
  • The top row shows the image name and Colour Temperature/Tint values for the location of the movable Colour Picker Tool.
  • When you are happy with the selected area, release your finger; the Temperature and Tint values are updated in the top row to show the new values for the selected area.
  • Press SET to save the new value for all exposures until you reset the value or select a standard preset.
  • To exit without saving, press EXIT.
  • The White Balance Mode is changed to Manual and colour temperature is shown on the Control Screen (see Figure 4).


The colour temperature of the current image does not change.

If the area used to take a reading is too bright or too dark, Temp and Tint values will be empty. The same applies if the area is far from colour neutral.